We are just starting to edit our Japan trip from over three years ago. We stayed in Kyoto most of the time and ventured to Kobe one day. We were lucky to be able to go with someone who spoke Japanese. Brandon did a great job translating and showing us around town. We were amazed at how such a big and busy city can be keep so clean. They recycle everything. They have recycle bins everywhere! So smart and easy to just seperate trash right when you toss it-We could learn a lot! One of our favorite things was go to a monkey habitat. It was so neat to just we hangin' out with them. I guess we felt right at home! We really had a great time.

I'm trying my hand at video editing...Here is a very ruff draft montage from our first tape.

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The Wooten's said...

Love this!! Fun to see this after hearing about it! Of course Steve always makes us laugh :)!!