Free Wheelin' Promotion

This promotion runs Mar 18th through the end of April. I Love wheels, and Jumbo wheels at that! How great to get them free with your stamp set! I've been trying to upload my flyer here but alas my computer skills or lack of, are disapointing me. But I have learned how to link it, so click here to see!
If anyone out there knows how to make my blog act like Diane's blog, I swear I will give you whatever you want! Seriously, make me an offer! Does she have a computer programer live with her?!? Someone enlighten me! I love how you can just click on her catalog, and it takes you right there! I've had to just put in a link above the picture of mine. Anyway, I have learned a lot just by trial and error on my blog, but it sure does take a while for me to figure it out!

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